all the symptoms, negative tests

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Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:32 am 
Post subject: all the symptoms, negative tests
I had sex on January 3rd, bled for 3 days, and then had sex again on January 8th. I have felt very strange since then. I have had strange stomach cramps low in my abdomen that do not hurt but feel like pressure. I've been using the bathroom more often, having constipation, dizziness, and the pressure in my stomach has been around 5 pm like clockwork. My breasts seem full and strangest of all they have been discharging a clearish- milky liquid. especially when squeezed. I've never been pregnant before and all the tests have been negative so far so I'm not sure if I am actually pregnant.. but it feels like I'm pregnant if I had to describe how I thought pregnancy would feel like, this would be it.
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