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Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 9:12 pm 
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Oh its so great to read the posts on here they cheer me up...........i've no idea what I am feeling around for in regards to CP?? I really don't know what soft and open and hard and closed means? Maybe I'm a bit thick lol......... I know what the cervical fluid is though I think.....I'm same as you rosie and pup feel like I had he fluid really early this cycle (around days 8-10 which is unusual) I am currently on day 15 but haven't had the fluid the last fews days which is when I usually ovulate (somewhere between days 13 - 15). I am gettng stressed about how often to try as well i.e. every day or every other and think if we leave it every other day then we may leave it too late...aagh!! Tried for the last 2 days so thought better give it a rest tonight!

Anyway sorry for waffling hope we all get a posiive results soon......in about 2 weeks time for many of us on this post xx
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