clingy baby!

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Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 2:07 pm 
Post subject: clingy baby!
Hi everyone , im new to this forum and just wanted to know if anyone could help me!

My 13 month old boy has always been good at going to bed up until last week when he has cried uncontrollaby for the last 6 nights in a row! he will not let me go any where with out him and when he does go to bed as soon as i step out of the room he screams the house down! im at my wits end with him because he is also waking 3-4 times in the night and controlled crying doent seem to work! he has a very good bedtime routine (its been the same since he was born) bath bottle and bed at 7pm! he only naps for an hour in the day so it cant be because he has had to much sleep! i just dont know what to do with him! im completely sleep deprived and so is my partner ! any suggestions would be great xx
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AskBaby Star
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Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 12:47 pm 
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oh i have a 21 month exactly the same even if i am hanging my coat up he thinks i am goin out so he starts to cry wat a nightmare Mad
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Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:24 pm 
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Hi my 21 month old daughter has just done the same thing. We have struggled for 3 weeks so started controlled crying last night. She stayed the night in her own bed but woke alot. Will let you know if we have sucess!!
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