For People Who Are worrying About Their Pregnancy

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Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 6:58 pm 
Post subject: For People Who Are worrying About Their Pregnancy
Hi everybody I am a 21 year old male and would like to write a little about my girlfriends pregnancy. Well we found out when she was just 3 weeks gone and were over the moon as we've wanted a baby for about 3 years now and we told people straight away, A few days later my girlfriend started to get discharge and this got havier and went from yellow to red and went on and on, We read up on this and it said that it could possibly mean she was having a miscarrage, As you can imagine we were very upset and worried but we tryd not to stress ourselfs out, A few days later she bled and we thought that was it! but when we went for our midwife appointment everything was fine and the heartbeat was present. The spotting continued and when we had the scan we found out that our baby was fine, We also found out we were having a little girl, She is now nearly 7 Months gone and a few weeks ago she stopped kicking for about 2 days but again we had a scan and everything was fine, A day later she was kicking away - a week later exactly the same thing and we recieved a kick chart 24 hours and nothing so we had some tests done and shes FIINE again!, She is now again moving around alot in about 3 spells amoung the day and we are told she is doing realy well so dont wory yourself on anything like spotting or not feeling kicks because as you can see, alot of the time its probably sleeping or kicking when your moving and cant feel it. Hope this helps . Marc .
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