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Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 8:31 am 
Post subject: Salary Change
Hi - am new to this site but wondered if anyone could help with a general question. I am currently working in London and do a split role job. If I wanted to return to do just one part of this role (the lower paid part) would my employer keep my salary the same or be entitled to reduce it as I would only be doing one part of the role. It is not officially a split role job - I took on additional responsibilities 2 years ago.


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Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2007 11:01 am 
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there's alot of factors here.

1. it's not officially split-role, meaning there would probably be a lot of reliance on your employers goodwill
2. as it is effectively split-role (and by the sounds of it has been for some time?) it may be that from a legal perspective it is now official - if you're a memeber of a union they can help calrify
3. doing only part of the role on your return would normally mean you are looking for part time hours - at which point you can only really expect pro-rata pay
4. if you have only taken 6 months maternity or less, they are legally obliged to offer you the same role you had before - you are not legally obliged to accept it

Also, it may be worth exploring why you only want to do part of it - if it's because of hours/travel or anything that might affect your care for your baby, you are entitled to request flexible working patterns to accomodate your new family better. These sorts of considerations may have a bearing on where you stand legally.

Hope that helps - citizens advice bureau are pretty good for helping with the specifics, or a worker's union if you have one for your industry. Alternatively, lots of solicitors will now to a free 30 minute consultation, which would give you plenty of time to answer these questions.
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