Baby needs to rock.....

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Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 7:49 pm 
Post subject: Baby needs to rock.....

I'm a first time mum who is a bit of a worry wort regards her DS and hoping that all is well with him, even though health visitor has confirmed that everything is well. Putting oin weight as should etc...
My DS is 6wks old and he can only go to sleep by being rocked.
I have established a good feeding routine, and he will begin to get drowsy at end of feed. Once he is winded and ready for settleing, he goes down in his moses basket, and usually lasts for 5-10mins before he will become fretful and start to cry. The ony thing that will then work, is picking him up and getting him back to sleep via rocking. This has got to the point wher myself and my husband have to rock him until he is asleep and then hold him until he is at leats 30mins into sleep before being able to put him down again.
Have tried letting him cry it out, but we have never lasted more than 5mins, and he becomes hysterical quite quick.
Any advice/tips on getting him to settle without being reliant on hours of back breaking rocking would be appriciated.
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