2 months spotting before i missed my period the next month

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Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 8:32 am 
Post subject: 2 months spotting before i missed my period the next month
Hi ,

I would like to share my experience. I am in my last trimester of pregnancy now Smile

Aug 2014 , i had spotting (a drop or 2 of light brown) for my period.
Sep 2014, i had the same spotting for my period & I was tested negative twice for pregnancy.
Oct 2014, i missed my period. i was reluctant to test the pregnancy kit again as i don't want to be disappointed (has been trying to conceive since i got married in June)
After 12 days of missed period, i actually tried testing again - AND IT CAME OUT POSITIVE!!

I was super duper happy. But my main concern is, when do i start counting my last day of period?
I did not tell my gynae about the 2 months spotting before i missed my period. Should i count from Julu 2014 or Sept 2014?
Gynae counted from Sept 2014 and hence i am 30 weeks today.

Anyone experienced the same ?
Any advice for me?

Appreciate all the advice.

Thanks in advance Very Happy
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