Help....i need advice...please

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Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:21 am 
Post subject: Help....i need advice...please
Ive posted before, and now im posting
My name is Gem, Im 23 (almost lol) and my partner is 47, he had a vasectomy 13 years ago after personal tradgies, and his ex wifes consultant recommended him have a vasectomy.
we are now wanting our own family.
Im really
We'd love a vasectomy reversal, im debating whether this the best option, obviously money is an issue if the reversal fails, how we will save enough money to attempt anything else.
health is also a possible overweight, but healthy, my partner smokes, but is willing to give up, I have considered going for the op sooner and improving our health as we ttc or......... get healthier then go for the op, obviously its been a while 13 years since dans original op, he is older....and he smokes etc,
so i assume its going to take a while either way.....
I have noticed a few people on here are using spire hospitals and there is one in soton, which we could thats not a problem....i was just wondering on costs.

So if anyone could please please help me and share there epxeriences and thoughts id be greatful.
Thank you Gem x
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Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:25 am 
Post subject:
Hi Gem, reading you stroy was like reading my own....

My hubby is 45 and I am 28. He is a smoker and I need to lose weight. Now 8 years ago Ian (my hubby) had a vasectomy. We went to see docs and they all advised that the best way to go was a reversal, rather than IVF with a donor or ICSI.
Well we are booked in for the op on 25th February. We are also going to Spire (in Sutton Coldfield). We found that Spire was the cheapest place by far, but the price does vary from one hospital to the next.
Our op is costing 1900 and out initial consultation cost 125. Our consultant specialises in reversals and takes referrals from Vasectomy Reversal Uk, so we feel we are in safe hands. Also he has given us good success rates - 85% chance of succes and then 50/50 for getting pregnant cos obviousley that is subject to me too. lol.

With the cost for the op at southampton, you are best speaking to a lady on here name sjg35. Her oh is having his doen Southampton. xx

I hope everything works out for you. And if you need to talk just pm me. xxxx
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Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:57 pm 
Post subject:
Hi Gem! I am 35 & hubby is 43. He had a vasectomy 8/9 yrs ago & is having his reversal done at Spire in Southampton. The cost is 2000 and 70 for the consultation. We have been given an 80% chance of live swimmers & 50/50 chance of success. Thankfully neither of us are smokers so I would maybe hint at him giving that habit up while you are ttc.

You mentioned about not knowing what your best option is....well I would strongly suggest doing the reversal first because even if this doesn't work & you can find some cash to do ICF & ISCSI then the money spent on the reversal will equal the same (if not slightly LESS!) than the procedure of extracting the sperm. We actually had an appointment with the ARGC in London for this friday (30th) and they were charging 1250 just for the extraction PLUS the cost of the op theatre, drs fees, medication etc and then you only have that one least with the reversal you have many many goes!!! Good Luck & feel free to pm me if you want Razz
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