daytime sleep problems with 9 week old baby

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Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:17 pm 
Post subject: daytime sleep problems with 9 week old baby
Hi all
I need some advice please... I'm a first time mum and I feel like I can't see the wood for the trees. I have been trying to get my daughter into some form of routine and our daytimes were ok during week 7 and 8. Now she is refusing to sleep during the day, taking up to 3 catnaps of 30min each from between 7am and 9pm. I am trying to follow a basic feedtime/waketime/sleeptime routine that spans roughly 3 hours. I am not stressing about clockwatching, but just wonder what I am doing wrong. We spend our waketime in the lounge, just her and me during the day. We play with musical toys, I talk to her and we will cuddle a bit. When she gets a little niggly (usually within 90mins) I pick her up, craddle her in my arms and start gently talking to her telling her we are going to nap. I get her to her room, swaddle her and rock her in my arms to calm her. She usually gets very drowsy this way, so I'll put her down after a few minutes. She keeps her eyes open, but remains calm. Gradually, she starts crying until an hour has gone by of me returning to her, patting her, consoling, picking her up (when the crying persists), then putting her back down, but she fights sleep with every fibre. I wouldn't be so distraught if that were it, but she is miserable without sleep. I just feel like I'm failing her because I cannot get her to sleep.
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Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 10:28 pm 
Post subject: baby not sleeping in day
I've got the same problem with my 9week old boy. He falls asleep in my arms and soon ever I put hin down his eyes open. I just can't get on with anything. But I must admit this last week he has slept a bit better in the day, so perhaps things will improve as he gets older. Hope yours do the same
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Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 2:49 pm 
Post subject:
hey pam - please don't feel your failing her! sounds to me like you're doing all the sensible, logical things - and I guess things may well get better on there own. I haven't been tehre myself, but my sis-in-law had a similar problem, here's some suggestions based on her experiences:

- try thinking about the differences between your lounge and her room - are the light or sounds significantly different? My sis added a loud ticking clock to my nephews room, which definitely helped - seems he was very used to the noise from the clock in the lounge, and must have been getting freaked out without it. Light can apparently have the same effect - coloured curtains, lack of black-out blind etc might be worth a try.
- maybe add something new to the routine when you are trying to associate her with sleep? bathtime can work - maybe with lavender babybath (lavender is a soporific), or maybe a small feed if she will take one?

Finally - check out her digestion. A friend of mine had similar (although baby was also struggling to take much milk, and was rarely if ever vomiting) and it turned out to be acid reflux, so he had terrible acid indigestion which got worse whenever he laid down to sleep. This is pretty rare and extreme -so it's very unlikely to be this, but if all else fails it may be worth asking your health visitor/doctor if there are any symptoms to look out for etc.

Really hope something here might help -good luck Very Happy
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