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Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:17 pm 
Post subject: Hi I'm new here
HI Everyone,

I have been addicted to everyones story for a while now and feel that I have to join in because everyone is so supportive here. My own story is just like everyone elses. I was not trying too hard to conceive last year and found out a week after my wedding I was pregnant. I was really happy but then had a m/c 3 months later. My best friend came to visit me during the month after my m/c and she just found out she was pregnant while staying with me. after that I had to listen to all the exciting things that were happening not to mention that she told everybody that I had a M/c (only people I told were my close family). I have been so angry and upset with her since then and thank ******* I have had stories from here to read which makes me think that I am not a horrible friend. I am just about able to speak to her now.

we have been trying to conceive and its up to six months now which is really getting to me. Every month I am symptom spotting and when I get my af I get so down about it. I know that stressing about it is not helping but it is really hard not to when you really want a baby. I am currently looking at preseed, Agnus Castus, legs in the air and all sorts of stuff but mostly reading how everyone else copes has made me laugh again.

Thanks girls.
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Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:20 pm 
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Sorry for your loss Teresa. This is a great site and everyone is so friendly and supportive. We're always here if you need to talk. I've found this site very helpful and amusing in some difficult times. Good luck for the future. x

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