help pleaseteralization done by diathermy

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Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 10:41 pm 
Post subject: help pleaseteralization done by diathermy
firstly i dont post very well so i apoligise , i had my son 8 weeks ago and was steralized at the same time , i had decided this early on in pregnancy was never counselled and i know it sounds mad but never really thought much about it only that near the end i was going totell them not to do it , well they did and ever since i have been so sad i want it reversed i have been told since it was done by diathermy and have at christmas got a letter from my consultant to tell me , not o wadte money as only 5 per cent chance i have loked into going private but have been quite upset with consultant as he said they were going to use clips i have now been told consultant wants to see me can anyone give me some advice many thanks . xxxx
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Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:55 am 
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i had this method done hun xx 8 years ago i had my little girl and was sterilised at the same time xx got with a new partner and we decided we wanted a baby together xx
i went to see my consultant and although he said the precedure to reverse isnt as good as if i had clips he wud give it a go and here i am nearly 5 weeks pregnant so it is possible hun xxxxxxxxxx Very Happy

tubal reversal april 08
it worked!!!! i had 2 beautiful reversal babies
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