25 Things you don't know about me.

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Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 3:23 pm 
Post subject: 25 Things you don't know about me.
Just do your own below yeah?? Get to know each other.

25 Random things about me:- (just a thought, doesnt have to be 25, can be however many you want... lol)

1. My husband Daniel is the love of my life.
2. I'm afraid I'll never be good enough.
3. I HATE the way I look and wish they did full body transplants.
4. I'm so looking forward to moving to Oz and am certain its the best thing for us.
5. I don't trust very easily, and if you do something to make me lose my trust in you, its very difficult for me to get my trust back in you.
6. I'm very insecure, I feel easily threatened and unworthy.
7. I think I am good at my job.
8. I get bored very easily and once I know how to do a job I feel the need to move on to something else.
9. I hate doing accounts work, numbers make my head hurt.
10. I love to read and I love WORDS....
11. I can't imagine my life without my faith
12. I grew up in the outback and still dont' like big cities.
13. I'm very nervous in crowds and tend to get tetchy and nervy and don't wanna be there.
14. When I love, I love completely and without reserve.
15. I really want to have children. (Like.. REALLY.. lol)
16. I love the sun but it doesn't like my skin (think sizzle sizzle... burnnnn)
17. I am hoping the snow will stop me going to work, just once, before the move to oz, cos it won't happen there, only fires will stop me going to work there.
18. I love nature and find it very poetic, very inspiring.
19. I would love to be a printed writer.
20. I love to hear other peoples love stories.
21. I am good at listening to other peoples problems.
22. I hate being in a room of people and feeling like i'm the only one that doesn't feel like i'm really there, that everyone else is connected and i'm isolated (but i am a nut).
23. I listen to Nova 93.5 (Perth Radio) online every day at work.
24. My husband is 8.5 years younger than me (i loooove my toyboy).
25. My family and my friends are more important to me than they will ever know.

Although thinking about it, maybe we should cut it down to just however many we want.. .lol

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married 2007)
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Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:18 pm 
Post subject:
1. I love the colour blue
2. My favourite group is Girls Aloud
3. My favourite song is In the Ghetto by Elvis
4. I have blue eyes
5. I am left handed
6. I love dancing
7. I'm scared that my boyfriend is just Mr Right Now and not Mr Right
8. I get bored easily - hence the above
9. My daughter is my life
10. I can never forgive or forget
11. I hate cheese
12. I love chips
13. I can be very competitive - but don't always like to admit it
14. I get jealous easily - especially of those people who have found Mr Right
15. I left home when I was 17
16. I love to talk rubbish
17. I don't like confrontation
18. I have never been abroad
19. I was going to call Isabelle, Maddison when she was born
20. I have no pets
22. I don't know how to play Monopoly
23. I once got told Cambodia was a camp on the border of Scotland and England, and people live in Wigwams and teepees and that William Wallace was from South Cambodia s he was more English than Scottish and I believed it!
24. I am very gullible
25. I love having fun.
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Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:46 pm 
Post subject:
Heres mine...

1. Ian is 17 years older than me
2. I have known Ian for 9 years now even though we have only been together for 5 years
3.I am a born=again Christian
4. I am an officer in Boys Brigade
5. I am scared of thunder and lightening
6. I am scared of loud noise
7. I am scared of most animals
8. I am allergic to Penicillen
9. I have a degree in sociology and english
10. I can play the piano
11. I am lead drummer in a marching band
12. I have never broken any bone in my body
13. I have never had a filling or toothache
14. I am the youngest of 3 girls, by 13 years.
15. I struggle to play card games cos I can never remember the rules
16. My fave food is Meat Feast pizza
17. I hate milk!!!
18. My fave song ever is 'I can't ever get enough' by Darren Hayes
19. I lived in Bury for about 18 months and it was the biggest mistake of my life
20. I have been driving for 8 years
21.My fave holiday destination is Weymouth in Dorset.
22. I work for an IT Team
23. I have only ever been in love once in my life and I can say I am still in love with that person right now - with Ian
24. I am shortsighted and wear glasses
25. I have never had unprotected sex in my life!
My baby became an angel and flew to heaven on 20th March.
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Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 5:00 pm 
Post subject:
1. I am in Nottingham
2. I am a photographer
3. I love horror movies
4. I love heavy metal
5. I am totally obsessed with the TV show Lost
6. I've been with my OH for 3 years and he's the best thing to ever happen to me
7. I have a masters degree in Fine Art
8. I make animations in my spare time
9. I used to be a teacher
10. I hate ignorance - on any level
11. I hate aubergines (but not as much as ignorance!)
12. I have a cat called hamlet, the fattest, loudest tabby in the world
13. I LOVE a californian rock band called Incubus - their lyrics are beautiful
14. I hate changing the duvet!
15. I've just had a foot operation. They broke some bones, they screwed them back together...
16. I once jumped of a trampoline and landed on my face. Didn't affect me, honest...
17. I'm fascinated by time travel and causality

I can't think of any more!
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Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 2:51 am 
Post subject:
1. im 17 Very Happy
2. im desperate to be a mummy
3. i love shaun with all my heart Very Happy
4. im scared of horses Embarassed
5. i love wolves Very Happy
6. i have four rats, three hamsters, two rabbits (used to be 11 but most got poorly Sad) and a dog (and a kitten on the way woop!) Very Happy
7. i cant wait to get married Very Happy
8. i still havent oficially met shauns family (been together two years)
9. im scared ill never be good enough Embarassed Sad
10. i wish i could change everything about me Sad
11. im extremely body concious Sad
12. i hate that people judge me based on my age! Evil or Very Mad
13. i cant stand two faced people!! Evil or Very Mad
14. sometimes i dont believe shaun when he says he loves me Sad
15. i used to self harm Crying or Very sad ( havent in over seven months) Very Happy
16. im scared witless that il mc again Crying or Very sad
17. i develop wierd obsessions
18. i feel i cant trust anyone Crying or Very sad (which makes it really wierd that im saying most of this)
19. im scared il be a bad mum Crying or Very sad
20. im scared of social services Sad
21. i miss shaun even if hes only on the toilet Embarassed
22.i get jealous quite easy, which makes me feel bad Mad
23. im scared shaun will stop loving me, and just up and leave Crying or Very sad
24. im sometimes really hyper and crazy for no reason Very Happy
25. most if this makes me sound like a depressed mentally unstable person!!

sorry if thats made people feel depressed!!
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Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:11 pm 
Post subject:
1. my fave colours are bright pink and bright green and BLACK!
2. i have 20 piercings.
3. i love love love curry noodles.
4. im vegetarian.
5.i dont have a favourite number.
6. im really really insecure.
7. i hate ladybirds they creep me out.
8. i hate cucumber.
9. i love song lyrics.
10. i like travelling.
11. one day i would like to go to india and china-but not on the same day.
12. im still in love with my first love,but thats a long story.
13. i love deeply.
14. i used to be a rebel, but ive settled down now im preggo.
15. i have uggs in every colour Embarassed
16. i dont like spiders.
17. if my daughter was a boy i was going to call her Blake Max.
18. im clever.(bighead lol)
19. if i think someone is in the wrong, i will say something.
20. i have to sleep next to a wall.
21. i have ocd.
22. i dye my hair every month-i know its bad.
23. i keep a memory box.
24. right now...im thinking about mint icecream.
25. i like shopping.
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Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 9:00 pm 
Post subject:
1.My OH is only 21 (im 25 thouh so not to bad)
2. I never wanted children
3. The thought of labour scares the life out of me (im hoping the invent someting before I have to give brith which means i dont have to)
4. I LOVE shopping
5. Im a bit scared of the dark
6. My favourite song ever is STAND BY ME
7. My favourite band is boz 11 men
8. My dream job is a make-up artist
9. I get insurcure - over silly things
10. I have excess sand (in my hourglass figure)
11. I hate my job but really like the people i work with
12. I wish I had finshed school
13. Im not religous at all in fact im quite spritual
14. I have over 50 pairs of shoes Smile
15. - and still buy more everytime i go shopping
16. Me and my OH met on a first aid course
17. I miss going out drinking
18. I enjoy reading
19. I love cheesy tv - think ugly betty, er etc
20. I still havent passed my driving test me and reversing just dont get on
21. I have strong views on a lot of things which would upset other people
22. I love love love dancing
23. Im a bit of a show off
24. I really dont like people calling there kids chavvy names
25. My friends and my family are the most important thing to me and money doesnt matter if i have them there with me.
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Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 12:38 am 
Post subject:
1-im 28 , 29 on 15th march
2- my OH is 12 years older than me
3- i have an 8 year old daughter
4- i own my own hair salon
5 i have been hairdressing for 12 years (with a break for about 3yrs)
6- i started to train as a nurse to eventually become a midwife but gave up
7- i want my wedding song to be aerosmiths i dont wanna miss a thing
8- my favourite food is curry
9- my hair is dark brown but im a natural red head Embarassed
10- i hate exercise but know i really should
11- i hate spiders
12- my favourite place in the world is new york
13- i have been with my OH for 4 years
14- i have 9 points on my driving licence Shocked
15- i dream of owning my own house
16- i still go to bed with my baby blanket....and take it on holiday Shocked Shocked
17- i love to holiday in greece !!!!!
18- i love nothing more but to laugh
19- people say im really funny
20- i am a great listener
21- i am stubborn
22- i can get jealous sometimes
23- i am a messy person!!!
25- im a smoker Crying or Very sad

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Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:12 pm 
Post subject:
1. im at work
2. i have 2 horses Very Happy
3. i work in a hotel
4. my partner is 30 this year
5. im 23 this year
6. my baby was the biggest shock of my life Very Happy
7.i broke my back in 3 places Twisted Evil (not my fault)
8. i have a cat called dave that is a girl
9.im due 4th may
10.i really believe in fate
11. i think everything happens for a reason
12. i grew up in silverstone (grand prix)
13. i want a home birth in a pool.
14. i have gone from a size 6 to a size 10 Very Happy Very Happy
15.i cant think of anymore

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Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 12:43 am 
Post subject:
1. I am 22 years old, 23 in July
2. My partner is 35, 36 this year
3. I live with my grandma
4. I was neglected as a child by my mum
5. I couldnt live with out my little sister and my grandma, they are my life!
6. I am a avid Manchester City fan and have been going for 15 years
7. I was training to be a learning disability nurse and social worker, but didnt continue into 2nd year
8. I think alot about death and especially my grandma dying as she has brought me up
9. I need to lose at least stone and half to be considered a 'normal' weight for my height
10. I am very untidy
11. I am very bossy and the 'leader' out of my friends
12. I am addicted to shopping, weather that be shoes, clothes, of food i just LOVE shopping!
13.I am very insecure
14. I feel like i have failed my dad as i didnt continue with Uni.
15. I work with people with special needs and love it
16. I am a emotional person, who tends to cry at things that arnt worth crying about.
17. I drive a black VW Golf
18. I am one of four children
19. I have naturally curly hair but have it relaxed.
20. I was born prem and only weighed 2lb odd
21. I love going on holiday and getting brown
22. I was once so low in my life i wanted to end it all
23. I am in debt but cant help spending Laughing
24. I always get my own way esp with my Grandma
25. I have green eyes that a lot of people comment on

Thats me. I am a fun and happy person majority of the time lol Very Happy

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Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:29 am 
Post subject:
1. I am 32, OH is 25
2. I own my own house
3. I have a dog called Henry
4. I am extremely independent and do not rely on men for anything
5. I love my family more then anything
6. I worry that I won't love this baby as much as I should
7. I don't particularly like my job, but the peeps are nice and monies good
8. I am terrible at keeping in contact even with my best friends
9. I am addicted to Facebook
10. I find it hard to moan at people
11. I am really messy lol
12. I loose interest in things really quckly
13. I sooo need to clean my car
14. My OH is annoying me at moment as he hasn't got a job
15. I have approx 75 pairs of shoes
16. I love going on hols abroad
17. I have my 36 week MW appointment today
18. I cant wait to go out dancing with my friends
19. I do not get jealous (well very rarely) if I do i then get even ha ha
20. I can't wait to have my baby to see if it's a boy or girl and then take it shopping for clothes
21. I am starving
22. I am accident prone and have broke my leg, my arm, fractured my ankle in 2 places, dislocated fingers, been run over, had a speaker drop on my head, fell of a fence and had stitches in my head, had a nail snap of in the heel of my foot, got stung by a wasp and had an allergic reaction, rubbed my eye so much from hayfever that i pushed it back in my head lol. Broke my front teeth on a seesaw lol oh yeah and split my ear lobe open by pulling an earring when I was little haha
23. Is wondering why she is awake at this stupid hour
24. Is a bit spoilt by her mum and dad
25. Cant go a day without getting washed and dressed even if I am ill

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Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:23 am 
Post subject:
1. I am 31 years old
2. I've been married for 6 years
3. I met my OH on a plane!
4. I lived in Cyprus for 3 years
5. I speak fluent French
6. I love reading but never have time at the moment
7. My little Theo is 5 months old and the cutest baby I have ever seen! (I know I'm bound to think that!)
8. I love fast food and would quite happily live on McDonalds, pizza etc but am supposed to be 'healthy eating' at the moment - boring!
9. I love reading cook books and looking at the pictures but never seem to get round to actually making anything
10. I love cheesy dance music
11. My OH has just started working away during the week and I'm going to miss him very much. Roll on the weekends!
12. I am addicted to Dancing on Ice.
13. My job is quite boring and I would love to own my own little cafe/cake shop but don't have the guts to start my own business - especially at the moment.
14. I have a severe phobia of birds - especially pigeons - yeuchh.
15. I hate flying but force myself to do it cos I love going on holiday.
16. I went to the Maldives on my honeymoon and it is THE most amazing place.
17. I'm quite shy and hate talking in front of lots of people.
18. I've become much closer to my mum since having Theo and I am on the phone to her every day asking for advice!
19. One of my favourite snacks is houmous and Marmite on toast - try it - its really nice!
20. I still keep in touch with all my old school friends and would love to see them and speak to them much more than I do.
21. My favourite tipple is Champagne (or any sparkly wine will do!)
22. I had PND after having Theo but now feel brill and I'm really enjoying being a mum.
23. I'm a bit of a 'Monica' and have to have everything in my house neat and tidy - I'm also a compulsive list maker.
24. I would love to have another baby but not for a few years.
25. I am on Ask Baby for at least 2 hours every morning - will have to wean myself off it when I go back to work!
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