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Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:34 am 
Post subject: Depresssion
I feel guilty for even posting this~ I feel so depressed and sad all the time. Its like I wanna run away at times. If I get a chance to get out to the store.... (which has only been twice) I am not in a hurry to get home. Colten is only 6 weeks old and I feel guilty that I am not excited to be with him all the time. I feel trapped and restless and very very sad!!!! It is a overwhelming sense of sadness. When I try to talk to my OH he just dosent get it!!!!! AT ALL!!!! He gets to go to work and I am jealous!!!! With my other 2 children I did not feel like this.... I dont know why I do? It is ups and downs.... sometimes I feel happy and fullfilled and other days I just wanna cry and cry!!!! Help anyone else feel so nutty???? Crying or Very sad
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Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:24 am 
Post subject:
Aww hun,I know how this you've probably seen from my post!

have you thought maybe it's PND?when I looked up the symptoms online,I had pretty much all of them and I hadn't even realised,but when I thought about it,I did,it'seasy to mistake them for something else.

perhaps a trip to the doctors might be an idea.I've got to go for my 6 week check,so I'm gonna mention how I'm feeling then.


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Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:40 am 
Post subject:
ok this is the 1st time i ve admitted to this,
but im pretty sure i have it too,
i feel terrible all the time, i jus want to sleep and i cry all the time, i blame myself for everythin and think my family are better off without me,
i no this could b down to bein pregnant again but i felt like this b4 i got preg again,
i no i cant take anythin while bein pregnant but does any1 know of anythin herbal i could take once i ve had the baby?
i'd rather try doin this b4 i had to take any medication

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