How many words is toddler supposed to know?

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Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 6:40 pm 
Post subject: How many words is toddler supposed to know?
I have a 14 month old boy..(1st time mom) There are alot of 0-3yrs kids in our family. So family members are constantly comparing them. Our son sometimes answers to his name and sometimes I have to call him 10 times before he turns his head. He was saying mama at around 9-11 mos but rarely says it now. I always read books, sing songs, and have him active. He understand phrases like, "all done", stand up, sit down, sleepy time, time to eat, don't climb, bath time, and etc.... Recently, I've been frustrated that my mother in law has hinted that he is not very responsive and to see a doctor. She want's him to be saying like 2-4 words already. While I'm always reading in motherhood books and appreciate sound medical advice, am I stressing about this too much? or should i be worried? late talkers may not always mean late learners, right??
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Posted: Fri May 16, 2008 8:46 am 
Post subject: Hi
Hi there my little lad is 23 months old and is what they call a late talker, ignore people who put your son down because i can tell you now he understands more than my lil one, late talkers doesn't mean late learners as you can already he is learning and has learned as he understands what you tell him, as for sometimes having to repeat yourself 10 times don't worry he's a mini man which also means he'll have selective hearing Laughing offer them a chocolate they'll hear you straight away but ask them to do something and like magic they turn their hearing off.
Please don't worry he's still only young and b4 you know it he'll be talking your ear off Very Happy
TC beauy xx
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