Micarriage 4 weeks ago

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Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 8:07 pm 
Post subject: Micarriage 4 weeks ago
Hey girls
went for my 3 months scan 4 weeks ago there was no heartbeat.. baby died at 11 weeks, and i had a d+c the next day. I bled for 2 days after d+c and started bedding about a week after d+c(bit early but i felt ready) About a week ago i started getting brownish discharge which over the days turnt into blood, its not alot but i keep bledding bits on and off, i have no pain or signs of it being a period(myperiods were extremley heavy before i got pregnant) could this be my period and is this normal? also me and partner started trying staight away even tho docs said wait till your first period but we jus didnt bother. Is there any chance i can be pregnant even tho im having these spottings??x thank youx
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Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 8:50 pm 
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Hi Kirsty20,
I also went for my dating scan on the 3rd of Feb, I was nearly 14 weeks, and they also couldn't detect a heartbeat, said my baby had died around 11 weeks! The day after I had a D/C! I bled for two days, then clear for about 3 days, then I bled for whole day then clear again! Then I bled heavy for two days! Now I just have small amount of brown discharge!
I also bedded week after (it also felt right)!
The bleeding is confusing! But my doctor told me on monday that the bleeding can come on and off for upto 6 weeks! And then she said I may not realise if its my next period or not!
I am confused to this, and I'm sorry that its not much help!!!

I have my fingers crossed for you and all the best!
Em x x
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