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Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:36 pm 
Post subject: Not been on for while...

Hope you're all well. Ive not been coming on here so much recently. After my m/c last week have been back and forth to hospital as Ive been on clomid for quite a while. Thay want to start doing some tests to look into why I keep miscarrying. That is good in one way I suppose, as if they find something they might be able to put it right which will obviously good for any future BFPs. But at the same time, Im distraught as they cant start the investigations for another 6-8 weeks until my body has completely returned to normal, so they say. And then it takes about 12 weeks for all the tests to come back!!!! So we're talking about July til I can start ttc again!!!! I just wanna scream out loud. I wont ovulate without the clomid but how on earth can I wait that long. I just want back what Ive lost twice over and I feel like Ive no hope waiting so long. I dont know how I gonna get through all those weeks. I may well ovulate at some point on my own, but my cycle is all over the place I wot have a clue when I'll ovulate. Without the clomid I only have periods about 2 or 3 times a year. It'll just be impossible to know when but at same time I cant just sit around and do nothing. I feel like Im goin mad xxxx
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