5 month old night waking...help!

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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:27 pm 
Post subject: 5 month old night waking...help!
My 5 month old is night waking every 2 hours, sometimes to nurse other times just to be held/rocked. At 2 months she was sleeping fairly good through the night only waking 2 to 3 times to nurse from about 10pm-8am. I am not sure why her sleep pattern has so drastically changed?! I have tired a few things like swaddling, fewer naps during the day, cereal at night, sleeping in her room (she sleeps in the pack n play with hubby and me) I have even gone as far as letting her sleep in bed with me! Nothing seems to be working. She has had a regular sleep schedule and puts her self to sleep at night so I know she is capable of doing so. Has this happend to anyone else....any sleep advice or tricks are welcome, thanks from one exhausted mommy! 
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