feel i can't cope

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Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 5:00 pm 
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Hi, Im sorry to hear what your going through. I completely understand. My daughter was exactly the same. Just spent all day every day trying to syop the crying. I was tearing my hair out. Tried EVERYTHING for colic but nothing worked. Didnt dare take her anywhere. Eventually my health visitor insisted it wasnt normal and made me take her to GP. Got fobbed off a few times but then found a doctor who thought she had silent reflux. They prescribed renitidine for her. As the doc wasnt certain it was silent reflux I was a little unsure about giving her medicine she may not need. He assured me that it would do her no harm at all and if it didnt work then we could stop giving it to her. Anyway that was a few months ago and the difference is amazing. It has totally changed my life. She is a different baby !! Shes nearly 6 months now and Im loving every day. Pls dont just accept this is normal and for your own sanity go and speak to a gp. and be firm. Good luck with everything x x
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Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:30 pm 
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if you live somewhere with nice buggy-friendly walks, try adding a long walk into your daily routine. Fresh air and interesting things to look at can really help settle sad panda babies sometimes - and even if she still screams the entire time at least you're not cooped up indoors listening to it!!

Good luck - keep us posted with how you get on, and shout up if there is anything we can do to help and support you Very Happy
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Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 9:39 am 
Post subject: PLEASE SEE THE DOC!!!!
Please, please, please go and see the doctor. You do sound as if you are depressed (not suffered PND myself, but did suffer a breakdown a few years back) What no one esle seems to have mentioned here, is YES your baby does seem to be suffering reflux, BUT she is also picking up on YOUR stress which is stressing her out, hence your hubby getting all the smiles when he walks in the door. Babies are very sensitve creatures. My litlle one is now 3 months old, and suffers from bad wind and slight reflux. He also suffers from quite bad constipation. The first few weeks were BAD. I have just moved to Devon and apart from my partner was totally on my own. As such we have decided to move back up country so I have my family around me. However as soon as I began to relax and just go with the flow, so did Alfie. He now hardly ever cries, apart from when consitpation is really bad and sleeps right thru the night. And I truly believe, its all due to Mummy being relaxed around him and taking things in her stride. So please see the doc and get this sorted. Good luck and I KNOW things will get better!
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