Low Lying Placenta in pregenancy : Help Anyone !!!

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Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:58 am 
Post subject: Low Lying Placenta in pregenancy : Help Anyone !!!

I am "Pawan" from Gurgaon, India. I am scared about something related to my partner's pregnancy. Docotrs are saying that she has lower lying placenta previa with grade 1. Just for your information. Placenta is the thing, which is responsible for providing oxyigen and food to the growing baby. Generally it is placed in the upper portion, but in case of 15-20% women, it is found lower lying. Earlier scan reports were showing its distance from utrus 3.5 cm, but now it is showing 1 cm. It is our first chance, so we are really worried about are baby. 25 weeks have been progressed and we are left with almost 2.5 months more. Anyone reading this topic, if he/she can tell us whether our concern is really worth, pls tell me what can be the best way that we can help our baby to come out in this world without any problems. Thanks a lot !
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Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 1:19 am 
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I had a low lying placenta in my last pregnancy,they should be offering you scans all the time just too check on the position,if the placenta stays low lying they will give you a section so you and your baby are fine.
My son was born safely and is a healthy 18month old now,goodluck hun.
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Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:42 am 
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It is common as far as I am aware.. They will probably offer you a c section.

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