discharge, pain and bleeding after sex

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Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 3:43 pm 
Post subject: discharge, pain and bleeding after sex
It's nearly 16 weeks since I gave birth by c-section, the bleeding stopped around week 5/6 then started again around week 8, the health visitor said it could be a period, since then I've been having continous discharge ranginging from thick white, yellow, brown, pinkish (sorry). I've only had sex 3 times since the birth and every time has been painful and caused bleeding afterwards, the last time was aound 11/12 wks postpartum so don't know if the bleeding after sex is still an issue but the discharge is.

I've been to the doc several times, had 3 rounds of swabs which have shown no signs of any type of infection, 1 showed group g strep but they were unsure whether this was significant i was given antibiotics but they've made no difference and I had a smear 6 wks postpartum which was negative.

I was refered to a gynaecologist by 1 doc but that could take 5/6 months. On my last visit to a different doc she refered me to colposcopy as any bleeding after sex should be investigated if swabs are normal. The other 2 docs seemed to think it was a hormonal issue. Now im terrified of cervical cancer, I've been to colposcopy before after 2 abnormal smears, then was discharged after a negative biopsy a normal smear and told to have smears every 6 months then i fell pregnant so didnt have another till 15 months later but this was also negative.

I'm going to have to wait around a month for colposcopy and as I said I'm terrified, I just can't stop worrying, I'm suffering from PND which causes me severe anxiety all the time but I can't sleep or eat worrying about this. I was wondering if anyone has had the same type of problems after a c-section or a hormonal imbalance or something just to stop me worrying and thinking the worst? Thanks
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Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 3:28 pm 
Post subject:
Hi Annabella, and welcome

sorry this reply is a bit late coming - and I've not had the same issues so not sure if I can help. Sounds daft, but have you been checked for a urinary tract infection? wee rather than swab? I've no idea what's normal after a c-sec, sorry.

Really hope you get some answers - keep pushing with the GP until you get somewhere - my also be worth collaring your health visitor and explaining how worried you are about all this. I think sometimes the medical pros just don't realise how scary it can all be.

Good luck

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