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from a benefits point of view, legally, can my ex partner stay the odd night even though we are officially seperated? i
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Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:04 pm 
Post subject: Confused Newbie

I am new to this site. I am a 20yr old single mom to 8 month old boy and an angel who would now be 19 months. Babies dad and me split a few weeks ago due to problems relating to the death of our first child in October 2007. In the last two weeks i have been offered a council flat which i have accepted and hope to move in next week. My X and i have been talking the last few days about trying again but just taking things slowly.He is living at his mom's and that is the way it will stay for a while as i am not ready to be living with him again.
I am unable to work as there is no childcare locally for my little man so am having to claim single parent benefits to provide for him.
What i want to know is whether my partner is allowed to stay at all???? the last thing i want to do is to get into trouble for having him stay the night so can anyone enlighten me on the guidlines and rules for this?
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Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:07 pm 
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As far as i have been told you can , he can stay up to three nights a week (i think ) b4 it affects your benefits but i would ask at your local office. I know my brother phoned and asked and thats what he was told we're in Scotland so mite be different where you live.


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