Anyone else feel like this

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Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 2:57 pm 
Post subject: Anyone else feel like this
Hi we brought Izzy home on tuesday, but I keep feeling tearful and keep thinking about all what she has been through. I am so petrified of doing something wrong and this will set her back. I have become fixated with her weight but she was weighed in hospital on tues and was 4lb 4.5 oz and today midwife weighed her and she is 4lb 8oz so she is doing well. Does anyone else get paniky once they are home.

Also one night she will feed on 3oz of milk then sleep 4 hours then last night she just grazed on bottles waking every 2 hours. I just feel so much pressure and everyone keeps saying she is so tiny and I think well she was nearly 8 weeks early what do you expet.

Also have been trying to find prem clothes loads of websites but the clothes are bit fuddy duddy for me andyone can recommend any where to get funky clothes sorry for long post but only you guys know how I am feeling

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Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 5:44 pm 
Post subject:

I think we have all felt like that. My Annie is now 6lb and has been home for 3 weeks and with every day that passes we get more used to handling a prem baby and relax a little more.

Annie was 11 weeks early and still should not be due till 21st this month. What didn't help is even our own parents were worrying about how small she is and saying that they thought she should still be in hospital because she is so small.

My husband is worried about going anywhere with her incase she catches a bug, or swine flu (seriously).

But as the weeks have passed its become normal and we can't imagine life without her.

With the feeds she has sometimes also took up to 3oz and it does vary from feed to feed but if you get into the routine of feeding every two hours she will take it so I would try to leave her a little longer each time. We got into a good routine of 4 hourly but it only lasted 2 days then she was back to 3 hourly. My husband worries about how much she takes, but she is happy and gaining weight steadily so I am not concerned at all.

With regards to clothes - good luck! I have had Annie is sleepsuits most of the time as she is lost in little dresses and you can't get tights to fit her skinny little legs. I did find that M&S are the best though. Most places like Next and Mothercare's prem clothes are for babies with short legs and Annie is long and skinny. Also you can order online and that avoids all those people coming up and fussing in shops at how tiny your baby is - that's what bugs me! Complete strangers trying to touch her hands and people rubbing her hand with their dirty coins. Ugh, talk about spreading germs.

Anyway - enough of my essay and enjoy, before you know it, she'll be a big bouncing baby and you'll forget just how hard it was!

Carol x
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