is my baby hungry is that why she is waking?

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Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 1:12 pm 
Post subject: is my baby hungry is that why she is waking?
Hi there, I am new to these boards been to a few other ones thought i would try this one. My 4.5 month old daughter basically put herself on this schedule. She eats at 7am, then 11am then 4am, then a dreamfeed at 9. The thing is she wakes at varies times sometiems starting at midnight and I go in give her her soother and then leave and then she might start up again 10 or 30 minutes later, and it just gets repeated like this for awhile. I am not sure if she is doing it cause she is hungry though and I am really reluctant to put her back on night feeds. I figure if she was hungry she would continue crying, and this isn't a bad cry, although some nights she goes into hysterics but her eyes closed so I don't know what that is. She drinks 4 eight ounce bottles a day. which is more then enough for a baby her size, she weighs 13-14lbs. I am just not sure if her having her last bottle at 9 and then not another one till 7 the next morning is too long for her. She use to also have 5 bottles a day she dropped one, I don't know why but she did. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah also she sometimes needs her swing well most of the time needs her swing to put her to sleep and I do switch her over in her crib but then if she wakes up and won't go back to sleep, the swing it is agian. Please help if ya can, thanks Smile sorry so long
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Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 3:09 am 
Post subject: Sleeping

It could be that your baby is waking because she falls asleep in her swing and then when she wakes, she is confused and scared. Have you tried letting her fall asleep in her crib/bassinet?

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