my 21 month old still on bottle and wont drink from cup

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Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 5:02 am 
Post subject: my 21 month old still on bottle and wont drink from cup
my son is 21 months old still on the bottle and binki any idea's on how to break him?
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Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 12:26 pm 
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hi ya my son had his bottle till he was bout 3 you need to get all his bottles together and explain hes a big boy now and the bottles need to go to the little babys hang them in ya garden in a bag and leave a present for ya son may be a new big boy cup with a few sweets in Laughing sorry if sounds mad but worked for me Laughing pretent the bottle fairy has took them away Laughing
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Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:38 pm 
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Don't panic about it! My LO has binky still and we have only just relinquished bottle too! Don't concentrate knocking the 2 on the head within a short space of time. I would go with the bottle first as its probably easier especially if the binkys still going about and out! but you could try getting LO to give you the binky when you ask.

When my daughter sneaks her binky in for a quick suck, I tend to say with a smiley face get that binky out your mouth silly billy, I like to see your smile.
Or c'mon I want to hear what you say, take that binky out (its nice and light hearted) then make a big thing when you recieve it...lots of praise...I figure with any luck when our time comes to finally drop the binky (only really using it atm for sleeping and tantrum calming...unless sneaky 2 year old sneaks it out my handbag!) we will practically be not using it in the day anyhows! Its not uncommon for them to have it in the night for a bit longer especially if they don't have another comfort item! Although my daughter has a blanket..dummy...teddies(hundreds!) she never manages to forget any of em!

The bottle....well we solved that by novelty....straws, my LO really likes being a big girl having a big girl cup with warm milk with a bendy straw! you could try a special beaker that LO chooses!
I think a lot of it is keeping the smiley face on whilst ur getting sad look from a upset disgruntled toddler.

The silliest thing for me was I actually cracked the bottle when she had a terrible tummy virus, I was told to cut out milk and just give her warm water in bottle...she soon changed her mind as too drinking it! but then rookie mistake...reintroduced it to fatten her up a bit as she lost a lotta weight! but did make it easier to break the habit!

But as I said 2 daily comforters being removed in a short space of time could make your life quite challenging! We tend to do one change on our house then let the water settle then gradually do another! Our next one is moving to a big girl bed!
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