Help! 7 months, 15 lbs waking up every hr

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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 9:13 pm 
Post subject: Help! 7 months, 15 lbs waking up every hr
Hi all,
My baby's cardiologist doctor said its okay to sleep train my baby. But being his Mom or Dad, we can not do it. I tried for 10 minutes 2 months ago, and my husband tried for 5 minutes today. Baby cries so hard that he coughed and seemed like he choked and his face was all red. We had tried to make the sleeping as easy as possible. Baby is familiar with sleep area now since he has been playing and sleeping in it. He sleeps in the crib next to our bed. Our sleep routine is like: bathing, massaging and singing, nursing. He sleeps around 9 pm each night. Baby often wakes up every 1hr and only stops if we rock him or nurse him. In the daytime, I tried to feed him as often as I can. Sometimes, baby arches his back when I carry him. He doesn't like to nurse too long as he sweats alot.
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Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:52 pm 
Post subject:
libby is 6months. i found the "core night" and the "controlled crying" really helpful (found on this site) as i went through the same with libby. she gets real hot and would wake every hour also. me getting up through the night would reach double figures.
i started this method when she was 5.5months. she now sleeps in her own room also.
libby screamed the whole night the first night. i would do exactly what you do to your baby in the 2 minutes you spend in the room (but NOT pick her out of the cot). it was real stressful. in the daytime she slipped into the routine this site suggested. the next couple of nights it took her about an hour to go down. since then its been a dream. she sleeps from 7pm-7am! i dont know what to do with myself any more!
her routine now is; she gets up at 7 has her bottle. an hour later she has her porridge. by 9/10am she has a nap. 11am is her bottle. 12.30 is lunch (chicken dinner, dessert, juice). between 1&3pm is her nap. 3pm is her bottle. 5pm is tea (solids, dessert, juice). 6pm bath, then wind down time. this is when i take her to her room. the lights are low and there's no disturbance. i give her her last bottle and wind her well. i sing to her a little then put her down. i sing another nursery rhyme, then leave. sometimes she settles straight away, sometimes she grizzles for a minute or two.
i hope this helps. every baby is different though...good luck x
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