Random sort of un baby related question!!

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Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 5:59 pm 
Post subject: Random sort of un baby related question!!
Some of you may know I'm a makeup artist, I'm currently trying to make some "dirt" for a film, I'm trying to re-create a product I used made by a much more experienced makeup artist.

I definately know that fullers earth was used, this is the product like clay found in most face packs. It's the product it was mixed with that I can't put my finger on, it smelled a bit like moisturiser, but it can't have been because it prety much dried on contact with the skin, but did leave it feeling silky smooth.

I've just been reading through a baby magazine and seen an advert for Advent Liquid Talc, think this could be it! It's rather expensive tho, I was wondering if anyone has used it and could describe what the texture is, is it like a light moose (not the canadiean varity, sorry I'm dyslexic and it was either that or mouse lmao!) that drys instantly, and if it is are there any other makes that are cheaper than Advent 3.25 for 125ml is really expensive!!!

Thanks guys!

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