Our daughter won't eat

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Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 5:59 am 
Post subject: Our daughter won't eat
Our daughter is 31 months old and she weighs 23.5 lbs and is 34.5' tall. She has always been in the 1 to 2 percentile on the growth and BMI chart. She has number of problems related to eating. First of all she does not want to eat ever. If we ask her if she wants to eat, she would never say yes. We have been always spoon feeding her because of that. Feeding times are nightmares for us. She does not like to chew foods so she hates solids. All she likes is semi-solid mashed foods. She does not like any kind of fluids, not even milk. She does not like cookies, chocolates or ice cream either. We occassionally give her cyproheptadin (an anti-allergy medicine which has a side effect of improved hunger in young kids) so that she gets hungry but still she would bite a piece of cookie twice and she will run away. In her 2.5 years of age she has done forceful projectile vomits at the avg rate of 2 times per week throughout (i.e. total of 250 times). Some times she vomited even 4 times in a day. No medicines have worked against her vomiting problem. We have consulted so many specialists and have done so many tests on her including barium test and endoscopy but outcome was always normal. Doctors and other family members suggested that if she self-feeds her she will eat exactly how much she needs and will probably stop vomiting. We have started doing that for past 2 weeks. Now we do not ask her if she wants to eat. If we are eating she shows interest in knowing what we are eating but then she doest not show interest in eating with us. Even if she does that, upon giving her the food she eats one or two bites and then starts playing with it or stops swallowing. She used to take 2 hrs in finishing 8 oz of milk when we were spoon-feeding her. But now after we stopped doing that, she does not even finish 4 oz in 3 hrs. In the whole day today she just drank 6 oz of milk and 1/2 bread and 6-7 french fries. She looks skinnier day-by-day and we are getting more and more worried. We do not understand what is going on. Why does not she appreciate food and why does not she feel hungry? I would really appreciate if you give some suggestions about how we should get her to eat.
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