High Blood Pressure

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Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:39 am 
Post subject: High Blood Pressure
hi. i am 29wks today.... i had a m/w appointment on tuesday and she informed me that my BP is very high. it was a little high at my last appointment but this time she wants to keep a eye on me.

my urine was clear and i had no swelling... but i have been getting headaches (again! Mad )

she has told me to go straight to hospital if i cant blurred vison, a severe headaches, feel dizzy or any swelling.

has anyone else got high BP? or have had pre eclampsia?

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Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 7:11 pm 
Post subject:

I had high blood pressure and swelling in my anklesw from about 24 weeks..you should maybe discuss moving from midwifery lead care to consultant.. I did... It meant I saw the doctor at the hospital every 2 weeks ... long story short at 34 weeks my baby became distressed and my BP was dangerously high so emergency c section and a healthly (although teeny 3lb 10oz) daughter was delivered. She spent 5 weeks in special care and now 13 weeks 7lb 3oz and doing ok..

try not to panic about it but you really need to trust your instincts and never feel that you can't call you mid wife or maternity ward if you are concerned.. I remember feeling like I was bothering them the day before I was rushed in to hospital and dread to think what may have happenned if I hadn't been in touch ....

anyhooo... its scarey and its not nice but its better that you are aware of it so you can watch for the signals to keep you and your little one safe...
take care and good luck/.....

(ps PM me if you wish....I will help if I can.,..)

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