Why does it stain!?

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Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:07 pm 
Post subject: Why does it stain!?
Why is it wheneva i give my son Baby Jars of food 4 lunch or dinner they stain his clothes?!!
Obviously a baby is gonna make a rite ol mess of eating time so y the hell do they make things such vivid colours that stain everything!?

My son has just discovered how 2 pull his bib off when hes eating and thinks its really funny. So when he pulls it off, I stop feeding him until he learns he should wear a bib at food times!

As soon as hes fed, I have to remove his clothes and put stain remover on them before washing.... I still cant get the Orange stain off any of his clothes?! Am I jus not meant 2 b a housewife ?! lol

I do normally take his clothes off to feed him so they dont get ruined, but its bit difficult when ur out and I dont want him 2 grow up thinking that Melal times are take ur clothes off time lol....
Any suggestions?! Confused Confused
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Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:59 pm 
Post subject:
hi i no how u feel had same problem with my daughter put a bib on and shed take it off and her clothes wud be covered and id be putting the stain remover on them and putting them straight in the wash but she wud still ruin her clothes and eventually the only ones she had had stains on them.

have u tried them big bibs that cover arms and fasten at the back so they cant get them off?

it dus get easier so so dnt worry and dnt blame urself hun

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