Annual leave & Maternity leave - Advice please?

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Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 2:33 pm 
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Okay so i emailed my manager (who also does our HR) this today -

Hi Julie
I've been told that I'll accrue annual leave while I'm on Ordinary Maternity Leave (Sept to Feb) and that because our leave year runs from Jan to Dec, I'll need to take off the days that accumulate between Sept to Dec before I start my maternity leave otherwise I'll lose them.
Can you let me know if this is correct because if it is then I'll need to check with Marian when it will be convenient to take them.
Thank you

She then phoned me up (nothing in writing) to tell me in a really snotty manner, that she's really annoyed with me for even mentioning it and is shocked I've even suggested it. She said they've bent over backwards to be good to me, could've refused my two weeks holiday (which i asked about before i booked it and they were fine), let me have time off when I had my amino (!!!!) and would appreciate it if I just towed the line, even if it means losing a few days leave and worked up until my maternity leave as they are a small company and are struggling to fill my position and she might even have to come in herself to do some cover as someone going off on maternity leave will hit them really hard.

They don't have to pay me a penny towards my maternity leave as i was pregnant when i started (only just and i wasn't when i was having my interviews etc) and they've made a really poor effort to look for a replacement.

Have spent all morning blubbing like a baby which i'm really annoyed with myself about, but to be fair it's kind of on top of the fact that i found out on Friday a friend had committed suicide and on Saturday my grandad has cancer.

Now she's just flounced through my office all nice as pie!

What is the point in working for an employer who makes you feel bad about asking for something you're entitled to and makes out like they can't afford to pay it?

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