Sterilisation reversal

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Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 2:15 pm 
Post subject: Sterilisation reversal
Hiya My names dotingdoll, I was sterilised 15 yrs ago at the age of 22, biggest mistake ever, It wasnt my descision, I was pressured by ex mum n gp. Id had a rough time with my first 2 pregnancies, got a boy 18yrs and girl 15 yrs, had pre clampsia with boy and thrombosis with girl, I was a mere petit 5ft weighn 6 st, ended up double size during pregnancy.I lost 3 children due to miscarriage and anachephlic, (spina bifida n no brain) for those whom didnt know
Well im now 37, divorced, on disability with bechets syndrome and fibromyalgia, very depressed, but met a great loving guy 9yrs older than me, we talked about children he has 2 from prev marriage, ex wouldnt access visits so lost touch, they now 23 n 21,
As i said been sterilised tubes i think cut n tied, Had laparoscopy few years ago to determin illness, thought was endometriosis, dr kept askin if i want more kid, wish id said there n then reverse me lol !
Dont know wot my chances are, Been to see my gp, got appointment for 21st july, only one prob, I need nhs.... or could only do payment plan, would they accept that .. not.
Can anybody out there give me advice, talk to me.. Im a desparate lady with a lot of love to give a child, im very broody, spend alot of time with my neighbours kids, spoil em to bits,
pls pls pls give me hope xxxx Rolling Eyes
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Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 6:45 pm 
Post subject:
hi dotingdoll, im not in the same situation as you, but i see nobody has replied. but if you go on to the trying to concieve forum i know there are a few ladies in the same situation as you and would probably be able to help!! welcome anyway hun and good luck!! xxx Very Happy
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Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 12:22 pm 
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hi dotingdoll xxx

You not alone hun xxx

I'm sorry for you loss Crying or Very sad

I was sterilised 9 months ago during a c-section. Sadly my daughter died at 5 wekks of age due to a heart condition.
My GP suggested i might want to have a reversal. I was taken back to be honest. But i'm booked to have my op on the 17 th July !
I'm 35 and have 4 other children. My tubes were cut/ burned/ tied. But my surgeon is still willing to give it a go.
I did see the surgeon as a private patient but due to my loss. He has offered to do my op on the NHS, for free. So i know i'm very, very lucky.
I don' know really what to suggest. But don't give up hope. xxx

But you might want to try the 'trying to concieve' forum hun. There are a few of us there who are all going thro the same thing. They may be able to offer you better

Take care hun


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