How much milk and food should my 7 month have

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Posted: Sun May 06, 2007 7:02 pm 
Post subject: How much milk and food should my 7 month have
My 7 month baby was weaned at 5 months however, having problems with getting her to drink milk (always had this problem appox 2-3 ounce at each feed), she will eat food but then gag (so will stop feeding her). I am after advice on when to give her bottle and when to give food. I tend to mix formula with food to ensure she drinks a little more. Currently:
Wakes at 6am, bottle at 7am - she'll take approx 3-4 ounce then mix 2 ounce with ready brek
11am - will drink 1-3 ounce then mix 1-2 ounce with meal, then offer pudding again mixed with 1 ounce milk
3pm - same as 11am
7pm - drinks approx 2-4 ounce milk then mix 2 ounce with cereal

I will offer her 1-2 portions yoghurt and/or pureed fruit between meals which she will take. She will only drink sips of water, tried it in bottles and feeder cups, offer it every day.

Should i be feeding her more often, any ideas why she won't take much milk
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