the right way to make up a bottle feed

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Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 9:17 pm 
Post subject: the right way to make up a bottle feed
I have a three months old daughter and she has been formula fed from birth. After reading articles about formula milk powder ( it is not sterile), I got confused about how to make a feed. It was mentioned that the powder form can contain a bacterias which were found few years back in the BEBA NESTLE milk. They might be dangerous for a newborn so the water should be 70 degrees hot when adding powder. That should kill any potentially dangerous bacterias. My question is : some vitamins(like vitamin C) are destroyed by temperatures higher then 40 degrees. By killing the bacterias with hot water I will also destroy essential vitamins in the formula milk. So what is the right and mainly safe way to prepare a formula feed for a baby?
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