Can't believe our babies are starting pre-school!!

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Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:20 am 
Post subject: Can't believe our babies are starting pre-school!!
Seems like 2 mins ago since I was excitedly writing on the November 2009 posts and now my baby is due to have her home visit next week from her new school teacher!!!

How are am I starting the school application process in a few weeks, my diddy 5lb 11oz doll is now a mouthy, cheeky, inquisative almost 4 year old (al be it a very beautiful one haha!).

Wow time is going so fast!!

And the school issue only applies to the babys born after September 2009 as the ones born before that are actually starting reception class in a couple of weeks!!!!! Where have the last 4 years gone??

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