Could this be an ectopic pg?

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Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:00 pm 
Post subject: Could this be an ectopic pg?
I should have been into my 12th wk of pg today, but for the last 24 hrs I have had a brown discharge. This morning I went for an emergency scan(Internal), according to the Dr I suffered a miscarriage between wk 4-5. I have had no painful cramping or bleeding except for the brown discharge. However whilst undergoing the scan the Dr could not see my left ovary & the more she tried I kept getting a very sharp pain on left of my stomach. She stated it was possible to have a mc without bleeding, but did state due to the pain on my left it could be ectopic. I have had bloods taken & more will be taken thurs this is to check my hormone levels, If they drop I've had a mc, if they remain it's ectopic.

I just wondered what type of pain or how do you know it's eptopic? I do recall having painful cramps around 6 wks, especially on my left - sharp pain, but no bleeding. I just thought that I was constipated!

If it is ectopic, does it mean you lose a tube or can it be saved?

I'm trying to be positive, but I always think the worst, I just new things weren't right! I never felt pg & no ms.
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Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:06 am 
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Aww hun,
I'm so so sorry you have to go through this. It does sound as though its EP esp if Dr could not see a sac in the uterus. If you are around 12 weeks along, i would be suprised if you did not lose your tube. Rupture usually occurs between weeks 6 and 8, but sometimes later depending on the siting in the tube, with interstitial being the rarest, but most dangerous. (nearest the uterus end where the tube meets)

Sometimes if the tube has not ruptured and the HCG beta levels are not high they can give an injection of methotrexate. This disolves the pregnancy and keeps the tube intact.

I hope for you that is just a M/C, as although unpleasant, not as bad as EP. Keep us posted, and good luck. Take care.

Julie xxx

Our baby Eleanor lost 6 Apr 10
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