All a bit bewildering at the moment!

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Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:38 pm 
Post subject: All a bit bewildering at the moment!

Just got back from my 'booking in' appointment with the midwife. The usual one was apparently on holiday, so I saw someone filling in, who didn't know the procedures etc at this surgery. Got given loads of paperwork and bamboozled with possible scans and tests etc.. and now feel really down. All she seemed to talk about was possible problems and how rubbish I was going to feel for the next few months. She didn't do any blood tests or anything. Is this normal? Kind of expected to get some sort of testing or medical stuff today, still don't feel as if I'm really pregnant and she just talked for ages about miscarriages and about how people go to their 12 week scans and find there's no baby. Feel really miserable and scared now. Can't face reading the mountain of booklets and paperwork she's told me I need to read before the regular midwife calls me in a week or two.


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Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 4:18 pm 
Post subject:
oh how miserable! silly midwife!

have a look through the info she's given you and see if there is a sheet that gives a breakdown of what dates you should have appointments and for what. At my booking in there was also masses of paperwork - one of which was this sheet. It was really useful as it says what tests I should be getting at what appointments, so I could check and remind when any got 'forgotten' (and they do!).

Really do try and enjoy this part - the 12 week scan is just the best thing ever, so don't let one bad experience put you off the fun that you'll have! Have a look through your notes for details of where scans are done (maternity/antenatal unit in local hospital is quite normal). If there's an appointments phone number, give them a ring and see if they have you on their lists for a scan already - if not see if you can book your own date. Some will let yuo, some won't - but its often reassuring just to hear what the 'normal' process is. If anything doesn't fit, or you are worried you've been missed off - ring your midwife team and ask for another appointment asap.

It can feel so weird in those early weeks - to you its the most important thing in the world, and your midwife just won't see it that way! I must admit, I tend to try and always have the next appointment - scan, midwife, doctor whatever it is - booked in before I leave each time, which is quite reassuring. Remember - shout up if you don't like what's happening - she probably genuinely didnt realise how she left you feeling.

Plus - look on the bright side, I'm sure everything will be fine, and seriously - you'll soon get fed up of the sheer volume of tests you'll have to endure over then next year!! I swear I'm going to run out of blood if they take another test tube full!

You should have your 'notes' pack, which will contain lots of pages for test results, scan measurements etc waiting to be filled in - don't forget you can add things to those notes yourself as well, so go weigh yourself and note down date/weight etc, maybe start thinking about birth choices and note those down too - that way you'll have some good start points to discuss with the midwife at your next appointment.

Keep smiling, and enjoy this time - don't let anything get you down Very Happy

Good Luck!!

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