flying with a 4 month old

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Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 6:03 pm 
Post subject: flying with a 4 month old
i am due to fly to sweden with ryanair soon but am concerned about taking my pram and car seat in case they get damaged. has anyone had any problems with damage. also as i will be on my own will there be any assistants that will hlp me with all my bits until we board?
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Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 5:55 pm 
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Firstly regarding your car seat I would leave it at home and rent one. WE always have. It just is not worth the risk.

As for the pram we have flown with Qnatas to Oz and back and not a scratch. The same can be said for Ryan Air. The time we flow with them we left the pram at the bottom of the steps to the flight and found them at the bottom when leaving the plane. The airlines deal with this day in day out and I would not worry. I would also say ask the staff what to do on the because sometimes each airport has a different system so you may have to pick the pram up with the main luggage.

If you let the airline know in advance they should be able to organise some form of assistance.

The only thing I would say is tie a ribbon or the like onto the pram so you know it is yours. Because you wouldn't want to get it mixed up with others.
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