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Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:06 pm 
Post subject: FORUM REJIG :)
This is just a temp announcement to keep you all in the loop I'm sure some of you will notice that some forums have been removed. We have done this to try and help the site not look so daunting and "where the 'eck do I post this???"

The main changes at the moment are to the PG section where we ask kindly that anyone who has a PG problem posts in the "Pregnancy Problems" section and also that regulars (and newbies) who think they can help have a look there regularly to be of assistance and support to worried mummies.

The other section to have changed a lot is the Baby section where we have taken out a lot of the age range sections to simplify it a bit. We have left Your Baby for just random things, just like leaving Gen PG.

A few forums have disappeared since they really do not get used and also because some other forums duplicate them. The removed forums do still exist as well btw, they have just been condensed into the other forums which are still there so don't fret.

If everyone can really try to keep their threads to the appropriate forums that would be great and it will encourage people to reply more as well since you always end up reading another topic when you go there Any topics that are moved will be left with a shadow so you can still find where it has gone You can also still reply to topics from the shadow so don't panic if you think no one can do so. We move a lot of topics from Gen Chat in particular as we all know that loads of people like to use it as a "day to day" board to post random things about non baby related stuff. By moving the topics to the correct forums, it means that more important topics posted in Gen Chat are not bumped back to page 52 and ignored and you will most llikely get a more appropriate and helpful reply fromt he more specific forums.

Obviously deleted topics will not have the shadow function! Just to remind everyone that we don't like to lock and delete topics but sometimes we really have to and it is not something we take lightly. It is not a case of treating anyone like kids - it is about keeping the forums a nice place for new people to join and not see slanging matches going on here, there and everywhere. Not everyone gets upset by arguments and not everyone has a problem with the more "opinionated" of us but a lot of people do so we have to keep things civil for everyone's sake. It would be great if people could not post after a topic have been removed about the same subject or asking where it has gone. If you have any probs, please get in touch with a Mod or HannahM by PM and we will try and get back to you asap. Same applies to spammers etc....try not to post publicly in Site and Forum F/back just in case the person has just made a mistake and is shamed into disappearing!!

Much appreciated,
The Mods (denenenenenene Jaws themetune!! ) xxxxxx
I'm not on here all the time so if you need anything PM me Arch x
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