More recipe ideas 4 16 month old?

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Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:43 pm 
Post subject: More recipe ideas 4 16 month old?
My son loves most things not to keen on fish thoug. I always cook him homecooked meals but im running out of ideas he loves my sausage cassrole and stew loves all his veg so ok there just stuck on other mains i want him to have a varied diet.

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Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:48 am 
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I know what you mean as my son wont eat it if given plain, but i got him to eat white fish by making fish pie.. not sure if its the cheesy topped mash or the parsley sauce, but he ate every bit of it. He does prefer however more Italian dishes like pasta and i cook down lots of vegetables to add to basic Passata Sauce. Lasagne & home made meat balls (which i add to my mixed veg tomato sauce) are also a fave with my son b'cos they are easy to eat b'cos soft on the mouth and also ensures he gets a range of vits too. Beans and Pulses are a great source of Iron and Protein so i try to make White Kidney bean mash as alternatives to normal mash as they smash down to a soft pulp and taste just as good with a bit of butter stirred in..

Yesterday i made a few batches of Sweet Potatoe wedges, which i'd part-boiled and freeze them till i'm ready to bake them in the oven.. but you can boil it and mash it up with Carrots to make a new accompaniment to meals.

Hope this helps.. Smile
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