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Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:57 pm 
Post subject: sleep
my daughter is 4 months old and she has a messed up sleep pattern. Or atleast I thinkk so.I'm looking for any helping ideas to switch it around or if anyone else has the same sleeping pattern. She goes to bed around 11.30 pm sleeps till 8:30 am has a bottle then strait to bed till 1:00 pm. All these time give or take 30 minutes. Her doctor just says im lucky and it wont last. I would like her to go to bed arouond 9 pm but if I try to keep her awake during the day she just gets pist then I cant wait till she naps. then she naps till 8:00 pm and up till 11:30 again. If I try to wake her up earlyer than she woud normaly sleep she has a bottle and just gets crabby as hell and takes a nap then she sleeps till 4 in the afternoon. any help?
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Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 9:04 am 
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well if u wanna get her to sleep at 9pm instead of 11pm u will have to be really tough on urself as it wont be easy.

i recommend u wake her up from her nappy early around 11am instead of 1pm but dont give her bottle till 1pm then next bottle at 5pm then next one at 9pm and then put her down for bed.

i no it will be hard and she will be crabby wen she wakes up but for first few days or so ull just ahve to deal with it and ocne uve done this a few days it will alter her body clcok and hopefully she will go to sleep at 9pm.

wne u wake her up from her sleep do something with her to stimulat her so she dont go bak to sleep.

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