worried and in need of advice!

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Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 6:31 am 
Post subject: worried and in need of advice!
hi this is my first time posting so bit new to all this, but just need advice, last week i found that im 7 weeks pregnant, im really happy about this, but just abit worried as im currently in australia (had planned to travel) and dont know when the best time is to go home, iv been to the doctors and theyve booked me in for a scan for next week but il only be 8 weeks! Im abit worried as when to fly home, and as my jobs open for me at home do i need to be home at a certain time to be entitled to maternity pay etc, also when do i need to be home for scans and to see the midwife etc, also is the sun bad for the baby? any advice would be great.
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Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 2:45 pm 
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Hi Haley

you should get some government support as maternity pay, but your employer won't give you anything I'm afraid as you've already missed that boat (you have to have been continuously employed for 26 weeks before 15 weeks prior to your due date - so basically you have to start the job before getting pregnant sorry!). Still, statutory maternity pay of about 100 a month should be OK.

Too much sun exposure can be bad due to dehydration, overheating and also the amount of chemicals in suntan lotions etc, but probably not a big deal.

2nd trimester is the best time to fly - so anytime from week 13 to week 27/28 should be fine, although do check with your insurance company as an awful lot simply won't insure you to travel if you are pregnant, and be aware that it won't be cheap!!

Once you get home, see your GP straight away for midwife referral - it might be worth trying to be home in time for the 20 week dating scan, otherwise you probably won't get one at all in the UK.

Hope that helps!!

Good luck

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