babysitting + bum cream!!!

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am i too young to babysit for children of this age?
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Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:11 pm 
Post subject: babysitting + bum cream!!!
hi, I'm lucy
someone who works for my mum has asked if i want to babysit for his 2 kids over the summer. one of them is around 2, and the other around 4. although my mum (who has had more encounters than i have with these children) claims they are little s**ts, i have spent some time with them and i love kids, so i'd be happy to do it.

my only issue is that the younger one is still in nappies and its possible the older one is too, at night. when i was 7 my nanny (who worked for my family for 12 years and wa there when i was born) had a baby and i definitely recall how to change a nappy, but recently my sister took out a friends baby for the day and realised she didn't know where to put sudocreme or how much to use, whether to rub it in ect. when she said this to me I realised neither do I!

also, i am just interested to know if any of you think i'm too young to babysit for childre of this age? i'm 15, and although i had a nanny doing everything for me untill i was 10, i had to grow up very fast when i moved away from her and suffered a year of emotional abuse from my teacher, which went on for 9 months before my parents realised i wsn't just being dramatic. as a result of this, i am not messed up, by the way, i am just fiercely independant. my sister, who is only 16, is convinced i will be (in her own words) "too busy making them laugh to remember to feed them" but i'm pretty sure i wont do that. thing is, its not like nick and tina (the parents) are family friends or anything, they've met me a couple of times and nick hands me a child and flee's at evey work party i go to. (that sounds really wierd, but they always invite everybodys kids) so, wouold you say i'm too young, or am i just too worried about slipping up?
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Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 6:47 am 
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Why dont you spend a weekend or two looking after the kids with the parents around so you can learn the routine and how they like things done. Then both you and the parents can decide if it will work out. I did babysitting at your age for young ones and all was well so its not an age thing, it a maturity thing.
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Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:05 am 
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I sat for babies at your age too, and never had any real problems (although my Mum was always on the end of a phone in case I needed advice).

I'd advise a couple of short times like a day here and there first, and also don't be afraid to make a list of questions and write down the answers from the parents as a reference.
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