potty traing 2 a bit year old girl

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Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2007 11:38 am 
Post subject: potty traing 2 a bit year old girl
my little girl 2 years n 4 months ive been trying to potty tran her since she as 2
NO SUCH LUCK she knows what a potty is she knows that she can go on the toilet (she has one of them seats) i put her in proper knickers round the house she will sit on the potty and the toilet but never wees on it and shell hold her wee till i put a nappy back on her

has any one got any advice it would be very appreaciated

thank u
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Posted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 5:35 pm 
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i was like this when i was little!!! my nanny (she used to live with us) told me that i was too old for nappies but the nappy fairy will come and take them for me and leave me presents instead. i was delighted by the idea of this and we put the last few nappies in the pack in a little velvet bag (which i liked a lot) and hung them on a tree in the back garden along with my dummies one evening. then i was put to bed in pullups i think and then fran (the nanny) brought the nappies back in and hid them without me knowing. in the morning, before she got me up, she put some small toys and lots of glitter in the bag and hung it on the same place in the tree. then she brought me outside to look and i was SO happy, i never asked for a nappy again. my mum tells me that if i had then she would have just said 'but you gave them to the nappy fairy!' it was very effective, and they used it again when i was about 5 to get rid of my pullups which i wore because i was scared of wetting, even though i never did lol.
try it and i hope it helps. xxx
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