year old wont get out of my bed!!!

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Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2007 10:06 pm 
Post subject: year old wont get out of my bed!!!
My daughter Emily was one last week and through no-ones fault but my own is having real problems sleepimg in her cot.
From birth to around 6 months we had a great routine and she was sleeping well, going to the cot awake and easily falling asleep, then teething started!!!! I made the mistake of bringing her into my bed and now she wont get out!!!! Im also still breastfeeding her and am finding that she uses me like a dummy at night, every couple of hours she will turn over for a suck, its not food she wants just the comfort I think.
Due to room restrictions her cot is in my room and our room is adjoining to my sons room who is 8 so i am very aware of not letting her cry to long and disturbing him.
When my son was 18mths i did the controlled crying techique with him and after 2 night he was sleeping through but he had his own room and it was easier. Has any one any pearls of wisdom?
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