26 weeks premature

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Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 7:15 pm 
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Hey ladies,
I've only just had chance to get on line and post, as things have been very hectic at work and I'm trying to give as much time as I can to my older boys before bump arrives.

So the scan went well, no bleeding is showing and baby seems to be growing well. However the sonographer did have trouble getting a good view due to baby's position (footling breach), so the growth estimate may be slightly inaccurate.
The scan guestimate for weight is 2lb 11oz at 28wks +3 days, and the guestimate from my fundal hight is 3lb 9oz at dead on 29wks. So I reckon we're some where in the middle.
The main thing is he is growing at a good rate therefore the placenta must be functioning adiquately thus reducing our chances of an early delivery!!! I have this crazy idea that we may even get to term!! LOL

We've been booked in for our next scan at 32 weeks (3/6/11), but the Dr (not my consultant)put something a bit alarming on my notes. She says I have a low BMI!! My BMI was 19.6 before I got pregnant, it's just within the range of what is considered healthy.

It's annoyed me a little bit as I'm not unhealthy, nor under weight, I'm, just bloody tall and slim, always have been! I do nothing to maintain it, I don't diet, I'm allergic to gyms, I just eat pretty much whatever I want, and have an active life style as I have 3 boys already and my own business to run! It's also a family trate,

I have produced 3 health boys, weighing 6lb 13oz, 6lb 3oz (6 weeks prem) and 8lb 3oz! Where has this sudden concern for my weight come from? I have put on 7kg+ since conception, In everyone of my pregnancies all the weight I have put on has been bump, baby and boobs, this time it is no diffrent. Should I be concerned? I feel fine, but isn't low maternal weight linked to prematurity?
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Posted: Fri May 20, 2011 11:00 am 
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I wudnt worry bout ur bmi sounds like ur baby is a gd weight.

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