separation, book for 4 year old, any suggestions....?????

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Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:47 am 
Post subject: separation, book for 4 year old, any suggestions....?????
hi there, i've put a post here and in the general your baby section hoping someone can help. my partner and i are soon to be separated, mainly my decision but kind of mutual. a friend of mine has given me a book she read to her daughter when she split with her husband last year, but i'm not sure if the book is too young for my daughter; she is 4 1/2 but very advanced for her age. the book my friend has given me is called "two homes", & i'm not sure it's a bit too simple for ellie (her daughter is 12 months younger than ellie). i'm just wondering if anyone knows of any other books that are suitable for 4/5 year olds that i can read to her to help her understand...

thanks x
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