trying now for 6 months. please help!

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Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 10:39 am 
Post subject: trying now for 6 months. please help!
Hi, i hope someone can help. Confused

i am 18 and have been trying for a baby for almost 6months now. and im still not preg yet. my periods are either every 4 weeks or every 5 weeks. it keeps am i supossed to work out when to try for a baby. its really getting me down now and would love it if someone knows something that may help!! Very Happy

is irregilar periods a problem?

many thanks Lozzy
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Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 5:00 pm 
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hi, lozzy89!!

sorry to hear that your're feeling down but keep your chin up!! 6 months trying for a baby is still a short amount of time and if you were to go to the docs they would almost certainly tell you to wait, keep trying and come back after 18 months or even longer if still no luck (presuming you have no underlying health issues, of which they would then investigate)

my periods too were either every 4 or 5 weeks and i was on the pill and using condoms when i fell pregnant with my first son! work that one out! and i honestly don't mean to sound like im gloating or anything but after i had my boy, my periods were suddenly like clockwork and therefore i fell pregnant with my 2nd boy on the first attempt. there's no hard and fast rules as to how long it should take - a friend of mine in perfect health and regular periods still took 9 months of trying but now have a luverly baby girl.

you have youth on your side, as did i, i was 22 when had 1st boy am now 23wks with 2nd boy and hopefully you are in good health? if your'e still worried though go to the docs for a chat to put your mind at rest and i have heard that you can try too much as well - leave few days btwn love making as your fella is more able to "replenish his stores" shall we say!! lol!

please let me kno how you go and good luck trying!! xx
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Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 4:47 pm 
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don`t worry- irregular periods won`t affect your fertility. remember that there is a good 6-8 day rough ovulation period. not everybody has a set body clock and some people try for longer before joy. however if it takes longer than 12 months (as your so young) see your doctor for advice as at your age you should be very fertile as long as there are no problems with your sexual health. remember to take your folic acid to help prevent spinal defects. good luck Smile
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