student nurse and trying for baby!

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Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:55 pm 
Post subject: student nurse and trying for baby!
me and my partner are trying for a baby, i am a full time student nurse in my 1st year...he is working part time but also receiving job seekers allowance. i was wondering if any other student nurses have been pregnant and what happens, i know i am able to return and i think i can still get my bursary but im confused about beneifts we are entitield to! child tax credits? child benefit? maternity grant? can i still get all this even tho im a student? Confused
thank you to who ever replies!
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Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:02 am 
Post subject:
You will be entitled to child benefit of 20 a week when baby born (Everyone gets this)

You should also get child tax credit of around 60 a wk (not 100% sure of amount cos your OH works, but if he receiving JSA im pretty sure this is right) Nearly everyone gets some amount of CTC.

You and your partner would only qualify for a joint claim for working tax credit if he was working 16hrs a week, and not getting JSA. It would really benefit your situation if he could increase his hrs/take a 2nd job by time baby born. Im not 100% that a student on maternity leave qualifies as 'working' before baby born so would guess you wouldnt qualify on your own for this. Ring tax credits and ask though. I know its unfair when effectively you are working, and bloody hard!!

While pregnant all women are entitled to a health in pregancy grant of one off payment 190 from 29wks preg.

The surestart maternity grant is 500. I would guess you would be entitled as your OH gets JSA and im assuming your bursary would be suspended so effectively you would have no income. Its almost a lottery but def apply. (You can do so from around 6mths preg- 3mths after birth, many ppl apply when income is the lowest)

Housing beneit can also e applied for. Amounts vary...

Im not 100% sure how being preg affects bursary payments, or if a student nurse qualifies for WTC (working tax credit), but yup you def get child benefit, some amount of CTC, and a health and preg grant.

Hope this helps a bit.

Oh and you can look online. There a good calculator iv used before...
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