Help needed urgently ! So scared !

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Posted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 4:58 pm 
Post subject: Help needed urgently ! So scared !
I have an 11week old daughter and since this morning she has had a bad cough. Then about 11 this morning she was coughing and started choking then she couldt breath! We took her to the hospital and 2hours later we got her seen to and they said she just needs more water to drink and that should help all the flem in her throat! She was home for about 1 hour and had her bottle then i lay her down to go to sleep and about 30mins later she started coughing again and then the same ting happened again and then she brought all her milk back up ! now she is breathing really heavilly and has such a bad cough! Im so worried about her and i dont want to leave her alone tonight while shes sleeping! Has this happened before to anyone, Does anyone have any idea of what i could do to help her.
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Posted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 10:18 pm 
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hey my first born had that!! what it is is flem forming in the chest, then he coughs it up and then chokes on it. it is pretty scary i know, but did you know, that the airway (trachea) is lined with cartilage 'ribs' so if a foreign body of any kind (including mucus) gets in there, it contracts to push it out! i did an alevel in biology and was pretty amazed by that!! i found that when my boy choked on flem, it did get pushed out and he just swallowed it again!!! lol. what i did as well as giving fluids, is prop his cot mattress up with a pillow or two, so that his head was lifted higher than his feet, in a sloping way, this way, the mucus would go down instead of staying in the back of his throat. also, i would rub his chest in curcular motions when he sounded rattly, using snufflebabe (like vicks vaporub for babies, available in chemists and most supermarkets. it helped to clear his chest, while the firm rubbing helped to loosen the mucus. but still, watch for any other signs, if baby gets fever, wheezing, blueish lips or looks really unwell dont hesitate to go back to hospital.

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